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If the light on its time to renew the timing belt (t-belt)

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Q: What does the light t-belt mean on the landcruiser?
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How do you reset 1997 landcruiser timing belt light?

I believe that is a dealer only problem.

How do you change the park light on a 80 series 92 landcruiser?

If you cant change it it's broken. Regards cemalig

How do you drain fuel from Toyota landcruiser?

How do you drain fuel from toyota landcruiser?

How is a Toyota LandCruiser UTE different from a standard Toyota LandCruiser?

The Toyota LandCruiser UTE is the new form of the standard Toyota LandCruiser. It has been upgraded in many ways including a smoother drive system for increased pleasure.

Where is fuel filter 200 series landcruiser?

After resetting the fuel light on a 200 series do you have to drain the filter or do anything else?

Diesel filter on a landcruiser?

The diesel filter on a Toyota Landcruiser is on the right, immediately after the battery. It is easy to access and easy to replace.

How do you reset the timing belt light on a 93 4.2 landcruiser?

According to the repair manual: Remove the grommet from the speedometer and turn off the lamp by pushing the warning light reset switch, then replace the grommet.

How to reset fuel filter maintenance light on dash for 200 series diesel landcruiser?

remove the black plug from sensor on top of the filter with ignition in the off position,start the engine,replace the plug and the light will be off. I tried this but the light is still on!

Where is the headlight light fuse for a landcruiser 100 series?

fairly sure it is behind the kick panel on the left hand side of the vehicle. just in forward of the front seat

How many miles does a Toyota landcruiser get?


Toyota Landcruiser 1996 model?

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What size battery for a Toyota Landcruiser?