What does the initials GTI in cars mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Gran Turisimo Internationale

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Q: What does the initials GTI in cars mean?
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What does gti means in cars?

GTI is not involved in all cars, only in some cars it means basically the sports model, for instance, peugeot 205 GTI or ford escort GTI

What does the initials TSI in cars mean?

TSI stands for Turbocharged Stratified Injection

What does GTi for on cars?

germaline terestrial intimidation

What are gti cars and how do they work?

GTI cars are cars that grand touring injected and work just like any other car. These cars are supposed to be ideal for long trips because of their comfort and high performance.

What does GTI mean?

GTI - Gran Turismo Injection -C-

Who besides VW makes gti cars?

The only other company that I found that makes the Gti cars is Mitsubishi. The Satria Sports was launched by Mitsubishi with a 1.8 litre engine originally found in the Lancer.

What does the red i you mean in golf gti?

Injectione....GTI= Gran Turismo Injectione

What does the acronym GTI in GTI cars stand for?

This abbreviation refers to the vehicle's fuel injection mechanism. It stands for "grand touring injected." This mechanism is generally found on sports cars and vehicles designed for speed and quick acceleration.

What does the initials FSI in cars mean?

Fuel Stratisfied Injection. It uses gas more efficiently and economically by direct injection into the engine.

Do European cars have radio antennas?

yes European cars have antennas i own a 1994 golf gti that was made in Italy and it has one

What do the initials for CATS Testing stand for?

Cars And Trucks Suck

What do the initials SWL mean?

The initials SWL mean Safe Working Load