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They build and maintain the roads.

They keep track of the cars so hit-and-run drivers can be dealt with..

They also make sure cars are safe, the same way they do with milk and meat.

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Q: What does the government have to do with cars?
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How can i by used cars from the government or police?

Attending police auctions is a way to buy cars from the government or law enforcement.

Why did the government ban the production of all new cars?

Which government did that and when.

Where does the government buy its cars?


How does one purchase government auction cars?

To purchase government auction cars, visit your local police station and inquire about dates and time for government auctions of cars. In addition, more information can also be obtained on the police agencies website.

How should the government promote hybrid cars?

They should not promote Hybrid Cars If the government was sensible cars would be rated on damage to environment during life cycle. Hybrid cars are much worse comparing by size and features including fuel economy.

Is the cost of used cars regulated by the federal government?


Where can you find out the most auction for cars online?

You can find thousands of government owned/repossessed cars by going to the government auction site. The prices start very low and there are thousands to choose from.

Who requires automakers to build seat belts in cars?

The Federal Government.

Where can you buy used police cars on wholesale prices?

government auctions

Why Cars costlier in India than foreign?

Cars that are not produced in India are more expensive in India as The Government of India wants people in India to buy Indian cars which are cheaper.

How can i buy cars at auction?

I found a government auction website where you can buy seized cars, trucks, vans, suvs, for dirt cheap.

Can you buy a seized car from US government and is it legal or not?

Yes, when the U.S. Government has one of their auctions you can buy seized cars.