What does the generator do in a car?

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The generator makes power for the car so the battery doesn't drain flat in a few miles/kilometers. Everything a car does takes power, and batteries alown just can't cut it on long trips. However, generators have not been used in todays American automobiles for nearly 50 years. The alternator took its place in most cases in 1963. It does the exact same job.

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Q: What does the generator do in a car?
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Is it OK if the generator voltage is 13.6 only?

If this is a car generator, 13.6 v is ok.

Where can one find generator for car?

You can buy portable generator from sears as it is the best option which gives you flexibility to use it for your car as well as for your daily usage.

How much voltage does a 12 volt generator put out on a car?

If you are asking what the normal ouptput voltage of a car's alternator/generator is, it is 13.5-14.5 volts.

Does an old car generator put out DC?

Depending on how old it is then an 'old' generator does produce DC current.

What are examples of mechanical to electrical energy?

A steam turbine/generator in a power station, a small gasoline powered generator, or a 12v alternator in your car driven by the engine.

What else besides the battery powers a car?

The alternator/generator

What machine converts kinetic energy to electricity?

-- Hand-crank generator -- Hydroelectric generator -- Windmill generator -- Front-wheel generator on a bicycle -- Car generator, run by a belt from a wheel on the crank-shaft -- Any turbine generator, i.e. turned by a shaft which is forced to turn by anything else

What size petrol generator to drive a electric motor to move a car?

A motor driving a generator to operate an electric car does not need to be as large as an engine that normally drives a car. This is because the engine must be made to provide the maximum power that the car requires wheras the generator motor only needs to provide enough to charge the batteries.The actual size depends on the size of the car and the batteries used.

How do you get the smell of spoiled raw chicken out of a car?

rent an ozone generator.

What does a car quest oil filter 85086 fit?

Oman generator

What recharges a car battery?

In a vehice it is the alternator/generator. On the bench it is a charger.

Does jumping another car affect your own car's battery?

no, usually increase the rpm of your car, this will kick in the generator - this will supply amperage to start other car

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