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The condenser serves to enhance the spark by greatly increasing the voltage to the input of the ignition coil. It does this through a sudden electrical surge and a high frequency ringing effect, bringing the voltage as high as 300 volts for input to the coil immediately after the ignition points break.

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Q: What does the condenser do on a distributor?
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Where is the ignition condenser located on a 2003 Toyota Highlander?

The ignition condenser is located inside the distributor. In order to repair the issue, the distributor will need removed and replaced.

Where is the condenser on a 2000 Chevy tracker?

This motor has no distributor. It has a coil pack for each spark plug. There is no condenser.

Where is the ignition condenser at on a hei ignition system?

inside the distributor

Does a 97 Chevy Cavalier have a distributor cap?

Yes, a 1997 Chevy Cavalier does have a distributor cap. The distributor does not have points and a condenser. This part is one electronic unit.

Would a cracked condenser stop truck from starting?

Not clear on "cracked condenser", but a bad condenser in the distributor would cause the points to wear out quickly, which could easily keep the truck from starting.

What does the condenser do in the distributor?

Controls the amount of voltage that is supplied to the points. This prevents the points from burning out prematurely.

Were are the breaker points and condenser connected in an ignition system?

It depends on what motor you are talking about. If it is a newer motor it may have no points or condenser. Most points and condensers are usually located on the end of the crank shaft under the fly wheel.

How do you knows when to change your distributor?

When it breaks. The only thing that might break in a distributor that would make you change the distributor is the vacuum advance can. Points, condenser, rotor and electronic ignition parts break too, but you can change them.

Chevy 327 electronic ignition module replacement?

The 327 cubic inch Chevrolet's distributor had points and condenser and not an ignition module. If you have an ignition module then you have a HEI distributor that was changed out.

What do you check for if 1974 dodge dart is not firing?

Check the coil, rotor, condenser, distributor cap, and coil wire.

What is the spark plug gap for a 1971 Chevy c20?

0.035 as long as it still has points and condenser type distributor in it.

Will a distributor from a 1965 283 Chevy work in a 1978 350 Chevy?

Yes, but I don't know why you would take the HEI / High energy ignition distributor out and replace it with 1 that has points and condenser. That would be a BAD move.

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