What does the 93v mean on tires?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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93V meam tyre safety speed is up to 150M/h or 241 km/h.

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Q: What does the 93v mean on tires?
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Can you substitute 215-55-17 tires with 215-50-17 tires?

Depending on the Veh Year make and Model that size is used as OE on most Toyota veh that size is rated for a 93V when repl tires you want to meet or exceed that standard. But based upon an Alt rec fit the 3 that are rec will be a 225/55r17 97v p225/50r17 93v p225/55r17 95v be sure to meet or exceed the serv desc.

What does it mean to chock tires?

chock tires

Who makes nexium tires?

If you mean Nexem tires that are made in Korea.

What does 110H mean on tires?

what does 110h

Why are the front tires cupping on a 2005 Chevy Tahoe?

Assuming you mean wear of the edges of the tires, and not the middle, this is an issue of UNDER inflation of the tires.

What does on two flat tires mean?

worn out

If my tires are fine on the outside and worn in the middle what's that mean?

You should rotate your tires more often.

Can you put regular tires on 17 inch rims?

Not sure what you mean by regular tires, but a 17 inch tire will fit a 17 inch rim.Not sure what you mean by regular tires, but a 17 inch tire will fit a 17 inch rim.

What does BSW for tires mean?

black side wall

What is standard tire size for 2003 infiniti G35 coupe?

Mine came with: Bridgestone Turanza EL42 (NZ) P215/55R17 93V M+S

Do the rear tires on a Mazda 3 have to be aligned every time you do the front tires?

If you mean balance them, I say yes because you should balance and ROTATE the tires at the same time, thus making the front tires the back tires, and vise versa, Chuck

Does fireston make farm tractor tires?

If you mean "Does Firestone make farm tractor tires?" then yes, they do make farm tractor tires. They have an agricultural division that would offer those type of tires for the agricultural equipment.