What does rs mean for cars?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It usually means Rally Sport

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Q: What does rs mean for cars?
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What does rs mean in a Honda Civic?

the rs in most cars means rally sport

What cars do Wayne Rooney have?

ford focus rs

What is the plural form of Rs?

For ease of reading, the form Rs is less confusing than rs. Example: "Railroad crossing look out for cars. Can you spell it without any Rs?"

What does rs stand for on cars?

RS was a premium uprgrade option and special trim package that was available only on Camaros. RS stands for Rally Sport.

What does the RS mean in 1998 Cavalier RS?

It stands for "Rally Sport".

Where can one buy rs turbo cars online?

There are a number of places online where one can buy a RS turbo car. Some of these include eBay, Craigslist, and carandclassic. The area that these cars are most widely sold in is the United Kingdom.

Railroad crossing without any cars Can you spell it without any Rs?

yes: IT

Do 1990 Chevy Camaros RS have a governor on them?

Most, or all cars, do have some kind of speed limiting that is wrong no not all cars have theem

What does rs 10k mean on a ring?

The 'rs' could mean several things. The '10k' means that the ring is composed of 10 karat gold.

Where can one purchase a Prosche GT3 RS?

Porsche GT3 RS cars are available to purchase directly from Porsche dealerships in store and online. They are also available from other dealerships such as webuyanycar.

What does rs on camaro mean?

Rally Sport.

What is a rs button on the new game cars 2?

Maybe the right stick if you play with controller with analog mode