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It basically means if you own the car you have to register or license the car to legally drive it in your state. They need to know who legally owns the car. You will get the new plates if it was bought from out of state and if there is an accident or the car is stolen the state will know who the registered owner is.

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Q: What does registering a car mean?
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How much does it cost to put a car in my name?

Depends on the cost of the car. If you mean registering the car it is based on age and value of the car to get tags. Call your DMV.

Can you buy auto insurance before registering the car?


Is the buyer or seller responsible to smog a car if the car is sold from California but buyer is from Iowa and will be registering it in Iowa?

What do you mean smog a car? If car is sold "as is", buyer is responsible for all mandatory smog control equipment. If you mean pass a smog inspection, there are none in Iowa.

What website has information about registering a car in Kansas?

There are different procedures and requirements for registering a new car, for registering a car brought in from another state andfor renewing an existing registration. This website offers details of the procedure, required documentation, fees and related information:

What does re-register mean?

registering for something again

How much is the fee for registering a car purchased for 800.00?

Fees vary by jurisdiction.

How long does it take to get a car title after registering in Arkansas?

Around 2 weeks.

What do I need to do to register a car in texas from out of state?

For it to happen in your dreams. You must be a resident of the state you're registering your car in.

Do you have to register your car to get insurance?

Actually, it's quite the opposite - You musthave insurance prior to registering a car. That's the law!!

Can you buy a car without registering it under your name then sell the car to someone else?

No, because then it wouldn't belong to you to be resold.

Can a dealer stop you from registering your car?

Yes it's a courtesy least in California

Your car is not registering hot but your overflow tank will boil?

Try a new radiator cap.

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