What does propre mean in English?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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It means- Clean

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Q: What does propre mean in English?
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What does Toujours dans mon propre petit monde mean in English?

toujours dans mon propre petit monde means 'always in my own small word' in English.

How do you say 'amour propre' in English?


Clean in French the person who answered this missed out that propre must come after the noun otherwise it means own. Which is wrong?

To translate "clean" in French, you would use the word "propre." However, the placement of "propre" in a sentence depends on the context. When "propre" comes after the noun, it typically means "own." If it comes before the noun, it usually means "clean."

What is the population of Lasseube-Propre?

Lasseube-Propre's population is 338.

What is the area of Lasseube-Propre?

The area of Lasseube-Propre is 14.57 square kilometers.

When was Le propre de l'homme created?

Le propre de l'homme was created in 1960.

Use amour-propre in a sentence?

He was essentially a good-tempered man and had not a trace of amour-propre in his nature.-The Adventure of Living

How do you say 'her own' in french?

"son propre"

Is central pacific a propre noun?


What does plus que ma vie mean?

Plus que ma [propre] vie means "More than my [own] life" in French.

Translate the phrase from english to french- to thy own self be true?

À toi-même sois fidèle.

How do you say own in french?

owning = posséder