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it means that your going to fast to stop when something comes into the view of your headlights.

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Q: What does never overdriving your headlights mean?
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Never overdriving your headlights at night?

You should never over drive your headlights because you are then driving too fast to stop in time for hazards you see on the road.

What does overdriving your headlights mean?

It means driving at such a speed that you can't see upcoming road hazards because your stopping distance is greater than the effective illumination of your headlights.

To avoid overdriving your headlights?

make sure you can stop in the distance you see ahead of you.

If you are overdriving your headligths and you see an object ahead what you do?

If you are overdriving your headlights and see an object ahead, you should slow down immediately to ensure you have enough time to react. Overdriving your headlights means you are not able to stop within the distance illuminated by your lights, increasing the risk of a collision. Slow down to maintain control and avoid a potential accident.

Is it possible to overdrive your headlights?

"Overdriving" HeadlightsYes, it's very easy by simply driving too fast, BUT... it's extremely dangerous!!!!!!

What is overdriving your headlights?

the speed you are travelling in a vehicle is faster than your headlights are allowing you to see in front of you. If your headlights were very dim and you could only see a very short distance ahead it would be very easy to overdrive your lights. Or like running as fast as you can, in the pitch dark, in a place you've never been before, with a flash light that is so dim you can barely see 12 inches ahead

In driving what is meant by the term over driving your headlights?

At night with your headlights on you can only see just so far down the road. Overdriving your lights is driving so fast as to not be able to react to something that is beyond the beam of your lights.

How do you avoid overdriving your head lights?

Slow down.

What should you do to To avoid overdriving your headlights?

The obvious answer is to slow down. You can also train yourself to use your high beams as much as legally possible. The last option is to upgrade your headlights to some of the newer, brighter - yet street legal - headlight bulbs. In particular, the SoLux bulbs have the longest-beam and the closest simulation of true daylight of any street legal bulb. See sources and related links below to research upgrade headlights.

How do you avoid overdriving your headlights?

Drive SLOWER than 80 miles per hour. Slow down. Over driving your headlights means while night driving you don't have enough reaction time between when you see the animal in the middle of the road and you hit him. Slowing down allows a longer time between the area you see and time your car arrives at it.

What does the term Overdriving your headligths mean?

Driving too fast for the road conditions. So fast that if something suddenly comes at you, you'll be unable to react appropriately.

When should you dim your headlights when you overtake another vehicle?