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Jiffy Lube offers oil change services, filter replacements, and belt replacements to name a few. Also Jiffy Lube can do inspections for additional problems.

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Q: What does jiffy lube offer for car maintenances?
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Who makes car batteries sold by Jiffy Lube?


Where can one have their car air conditioner serviced?

There are many companies and websites that offer car air conditioner services and repair. Some of these companies that offer the service are Jiffy Lube and Pep Boys.

How much does it cost for a full synthetic oil change at jiffy lube?

Stay away from Jiffy Lube or any other chain lube shop. Take your car to a trusted mechanic or the new car dealer for service. You will in the end know it was done right by a trained mechanic and will not get ripped off.

Who makes car batteries for Jiffy Lube?

Excide makes their batteries at this moment 11/2013.

Where can I get an oil change in Pantego, Texas?

There are many places that offer oil changes in Pantego, Texas. Jiffy Lube, Allied Lube Inc, All Tune & Lube and Precision Tune Auto Care are just a few in the area. Most places seem to be off of Cooper Street and Pioneer Highway. You can get an oil change in Pantego, Texas, at Colonial Car Wash, Firestone Complete Auto Care, Allied Lube (Jiffy Lube), Midas Arlington, All Tune & Lube, or Precision Tune Auto Care.

Where can I buy lube oil for my car?

You can buy lube oil almost anywhere. Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Jiffy Lube, gas stations etc. You can probably also go to any dealership in your area, as they will know exactly what kind of oil your should be using and they would offer a variety.

What is the best type of lube oil?

Jiffy Lube offers auto maintenance, from car oil changes to preventive maintenance, and much more. Jiffy Lube is committed to you with fast, quality preventive maintenance service to help preserve the health of any model made in any year by any manufacturer.

Where can I find a replacement tire for my car?

You can find a replacement tire just about anywhere. At Jiffy Lube, Costco, or any other automotive dealer. Even at some gas stations, they offer tire replacements.

How to change an oil filter on a 2009 Honda Civic?

Look on the Firewall side of the engine block, about halfway down. If you do not know what a firewall on a car is....... Take the car to Jiffy Lube

Where to find recaro car seats?

If you want to find an online listing of businesses who will provide an recary car seats for you Nissan because you want to get your oil changed, then check out Jiffy Lube.

In Weatherford TX where is there an oil change place?

About 100 places here to get it done. Jerry's Chevrolet or any of the car dealers. Jiffy Lube, Firestone, etc.

Why would dashboard brake light be on after Jiffy Lube?

which light is it? brake light for e-brake? abs? hope you aren't driving with it on. don't know if mechanic caused this to come on or if it just happened to be correct timing of a problem with it. If you took your car to jiffy lube I am not surprised. Jiffy lube has been in trouble for not doing the work ordered on a car and also causing problems. I had to take my car in a quick lube place because we are military and needed prove of residency so I could keep my out of state tags. Everytime I went there they said there was some major problem wrong with my car. These guys are not professionals and are not qualified for these types of repairs. They said 2 of my cars both needed a rear main seal. They unhooked my intake and didn't put it back, then said I needed a new fuel filter (which I put a new one on months before that). Take it to a mechanic that is qualified to have them diagnose it. Sometimes you can make a claim against jiffy lube saying that they caused this if you can get another shop to say that it was.