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this is not a good question.

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2012-01-25 21:04:44
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Q: What does it mean when your car steering wheel is tight?
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What does it mean if the power steering went out on a car?

The steering wheel will be really hard to turn.

What is wrong if a car won't turn over brake pedal is stuck and steering wheel is tight?

could be your ignition

What does steering wheel service mean?

a steering wheel srevice means that if you have power sterring in your car they fix it. they also fix ur aliignment

How do you know if the steering wheel in your car is in good condition?

The steer wheel itself.. if the stitches are tight(if leather wrapped), material is cut/torn or the finish is not faded.

Why nascar drivers take the steering wheel off?

easier to get in and out of the car with the steering wheel off. most race drivers have the wheel close to them for extra leverage and less fatigue during a race, which along with the rollbars and padding surrounding the driver, makes for a tight fit into the car.

How do you change steering wheel on a 2000 Monte Carlo ss?

A person removes the steering wheel with a steering wheel puller, after removing the airbag to the car. Then they put the new steering wheel on the car, after aligning it correctly.

What causes the steering of a car to fail and the steering wheel to spin?

Kinetic Energy helps the car wheel spin...

What exactly does a wheel alignment do for a car?

A wheel alignment is what syncs your steering wheel with your wheels. It ensures your car will drive straight when your steering wheel isn't turned.

Cars what does tilt mean?

Usually means the car has a tilt (adjustable) steering wheel.

Why does your steering wheel vibrate when you are driving and coasting?

A car's steering wheel will vibrate when driving if the car's alignment needs to be adjusted.

Can you sew the steering wheel in your car?


What is a steering wheel?

A steering wheel is the wheel that is in front of the driver of a car. It is held in the hands and is used to turn the wheels to control the direction of the car is going.

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