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You have mistaken a mouse for a car

^funny. You need to get a mechanic to look closer at this as any number of things can be wrong. Might be nothing to worry about or could be something beginning to go bad. Checking now can save money later.

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Q: What does it mean when you start your car and it squeaks?
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Every morning after I start my car the car squeaks as I drive it. Note that it does not squeak while it is idling. After I drive it for about a minute or so the squeaking stops.?

If it squeaks while it moves but not while it's at idle then the squeaks are body or suspension noise.

What does it mean when a car rear wheel squeaks?

This could mean several things, all of them bad.The car needs to go to a mechanic before it hurts you!

What does it mean when my rabbit squeaks?


My car door squeaks when opened or closed how can it be fixed?


What does it mean when a frog squeaks?

it means it likes you

Can someone please tell me what wrong with 95 town car that squeaks loudly under the hood when I turn right or left. Also squeaks loudly when we get out of the car at a stop.?

check your drive belts

What does it mean when a puppy squeaks?

It is trying to get its moms attention or is crying.

What does it mean if you car squeaks when its been raining and i turn it on?

It could be a worn or slightly loose fan belt. Check condition of fan belt, replace or re tension

Your car squeaks when you first start it in the morning especially when there's more humidity?

Yes, even some new cars have this problem. Most cases its from a worn belt or the belt tensioner

What does it mean when a hermit crab squeaks?

To hermit crabbers, these squeaks are called chirps, hermies make those noises when they are communicating with other hermies, for they are very very very social.

1997 Plymouth Breeze squeaks in the steering wheel and the car itself squeaks over the front end while driving down the road over bumps. What does it look like I should do?

have the front swaybar links replaced

What do Mice noises mean?

Mice are very social animals. Their noises are their way of talking. Normal conversation for them sounds like quiet chatter. They also have quiet squeaks to show pleasure, as when they are being groomed. They have mid-range squeaks when they are being territorial, slightly louder short squeaks when they have fearful anticipation, and louder/longer high pitched squeaks when they are angry or hurt (physically or emotionally).