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that's just a dumb question

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Q: What does it mean when you see grasshoppers on the windshield of your car?
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Can you see through a car windshield?

LYou Can See Through A Car Window Because It Is Transparent.

Why was the windshield wipers invented?

The windshield wipers were invented to wipe things off your car so you can see

Where could be the VIN located in a suzuki car?

You can see it from outside the car drivers side at bottom of windshield

How do i locate my car by vin?

You can see it if you look through the windshield on the driver's side.

Are katydids grasshoppers?

Katydids are more closely related to crickets than to grasshoppers. See Link.

Are grasshoppers in danger?

Grasshoppers are not in danger! I see them everywhere they might have been hurt, But not in danger! ( See sometimes we step on grasshoppers, not on purpose!) Hope this helped your question!! Signature -> 101Blisss101

Where is the antenna in your car?

If you do not see an external antenna, then it is in either the front or rear windshield. Look closely and you will see the tiny wires that make up the antenna.

Why does a car need glass?

How else would you see through the front of it. -Try driving a car with no windshield, you don't have to go fast to be almost blinded by wind.

Do most insurance companies pay for car windshield repair?

Most care windshield repairs are covered by a majority of insurance companies. In cases of a broken windshield it is best to consult with your insurance agent to see exactly what is covered by your policy, and the amount they will pay.

Where car vin locate in the car?

where is car vin locate in the car ?it is located on the dash board close to the windshield on the drivers side you will see a medal plate with the cars numbers on it and possibly on the door Hope this helps

Which is the animal which you can always see in grass?


What does grasshoppers have to do with day of the dead?

Grasshoppers symbolies the color of weed used to get high and see the dead