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It means the car is probably on fire...

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2011-02-11 15:52:16
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Q: What does it mean when you see a burning car?
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What does it mean if your car is smoking?

The engine is burning oil

Does it mean the engine of a car is bad when you see soot at the exhaust when touched?

If the engine is diesel, no that is normal. If the engine is gasoline, yes it is probably burning oil.

When was Burning Car created?

Burning Car was created in 1980.

What does a burning feeling in your hands mean?

A burning feeling in your hands could potentially mean that you have carpal tunnel syndrome. If the feeling persists you should see a doctor.

Car from car from gb?

If you mean hire a car see the related link.

What does it mean to dream about burning a baby?

that you are sick and crazy. go see a phycoligist man

What does it mean when ever you turn your car heater on it smells like burning rubber and your car wants to die?

Possible that the ac compressor is locking up.

What does it mean if i have Stomach ache and burning sensation when you pee?

You could have a bladder infection. See your Doctor! :)

Why does your car smell of burning rubber?

It could be a belt that needs replacing or any number of issues. Please see your mechanic.

Can you tell your car is burning oil when you do an oil change?

You can tell this before an oil change. If you see blue smoke coming out the exhaust your engine is burning oil. If you're oil level is low and you have no oil leak your burning oil.

What does it mean to test drive the car?

To test drive a car means to take a car for a drive and see if you like the way it handles the road or just to see if you like the car :)

If your car is burning oil will your car smoke?

Yes. Blue.

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