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You probably need new brake pads very soon.

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Q: What does it mean when you press on the brakes normally and the grab really hard?
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Why do your brakes grab?


What can make the brakes grab in reverse?

warped brake discs can cause your brakes to grab in reverse. Hope this helps.

What is the meaning of centric brakes?

Centric brakes are brakes which grab the tire in the middle for slowing the vehicle down. Most brakes grab at the side which can lead to swerve on very rare occasions.

Why does my 1995 Oldsmobile achieva brakes grab when you apply the brakes and the car shimmies?

it broke

What causes brakes to grab hard when they are wet?

it is friction and when the water goes on the brakes and tires they bond together

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Why do my brakes grab when going downhill?

Your brake might grab when going downhill because the pads are wearing out. The lines may also need bled properly.

Brakes grab what to ask for to repair?

Make sure there are no fluid leaks getting on the brake linings' Make sure all brakes are working and are adjusted properly Make sure brakes are wearing equally

Why do the brakes grab when in reverse?


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Why does your car feel as though the brakes are grabbing when you slow down?

Is your car equipped with an ABS system? That keeps the vehicle from locking the brakes to prevent skidding. The brakes automatically "GRAB" on and off to slow without skidding

How do you troubleshoot brakes that grab too quick grab is excessive?

sounds like air in the line they might need bleed or the caliber might be going bad if it is on the front