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it means either your emergency brake is on or your low on brake fluid

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Q: What does it mean when there is a red light saying brakes on the dash board?
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What is wrong when your brake light on the dash lights up and you have no brakes but when you repress the brakes the light goes off and your brakes are back?

check fluid level

Blinking brake light on your dash what does this mean?

your park brakes are on

Where are the light bulbs located for the dash board in a 1997 Camry 1997?

Right behind dash board

1989 Jeep and the red brake light in the dash stays on all the time brakes have been replaces how do you get this light to go out?

you have air in your brakes bleed them

Why is there a check light on your dash board on your BMW looks like an exlamation point?

more than likely indicating a problem with your traction control. If symbol is enclosed by a dotted circle, its brakes

What is a black box under dash of Holden Vl commodore with switch and red light connected to brakes?

Trailer brakes.

Where is the jimmy 2000 airbag light?

At the dash board manometer.

Fiat punto dash board warning light?

Orange light that looks light a light bulb

What do the symbols on the dash board mean on a Mitsubishi pajero?

The symbols on the dash board on a Mitsubishi Pajero are all of the warning lights. Some of the lights will include a seat belt light, check engine light and battery light.

What is typical mileage when front brakes need to be changed on Ford Focus?

When the "Brakes" light on your dash comes on, or if you hear "metal to metal" scraping from them.

What does it mean if every light on the dash board is on?

It means you're screwed

Dash board lights don't light up?

have you checked the fuse?