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when gearbox fault light comes on, it means there is a problem with the gearbox. you need to take vehicle to a mechanic

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Q: What does it mean when gearbox fault light comes on?
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What does it mean when the engine light comes on in your Vauxhall Frontera?

ECU has registered a fault. Get the codes read to find out what it is.

What does the gearbox warning light mean on an automatic transit?

The gearbox warning light on a transit indicates that the gearbox is having an issue and needs to be checked. The Vehicles computer has stored the information that set the light off so that you can see what the problem seems to be.

What does it mean when a engine symbol light comes on in a Jeep Liberty?

For a steady (not blinking) yellow engine light: That indicates a fault with the engine or one of it's systems. It's usually an emissions related fault. Often caused by a loose gas cap.

What does the light bulb with an exclamation mark mean when it comes up on a vauxhall vectra?

it m eans that either a bulb has blown or there is a fault on the lighting circuit

What does an orange cog with an orange exclamation mark mean on a fiesta diesel?

It is the transmission warning light. If it comes it indicates a fault either with manual transmission or the durashift transmission

What does it mean when a 2004 Ford explorer abs light comes on?

the computer is detecting fault within the abs system. your brakes will still function, but without the benefit of abs

Fiat punto gearbox warning light stays on but the fluid level is correct?

A gearbox warning light that stays on even when the fluid light stays on may mean that there is something more serious going on with your car. Your Fiat should be taken to a mechanic to get checked.

What does the SRS light mean on a Rover 220 SDI Turbo?

If it comes on briefly when you start the engine it means that the computer has verified that the air bags are working. If the light stays on it means that there is a fault with the air bag system.

If the SRS light comes on the dash board of a 1996 Honda Civic what does that mean?

supplemental restraint system. a possible fault in the system.AnswerSRS stands for supplemental restraint system, airbags.

What does yellow light with spanner mean on corsa?

Usually mEans there is an electrical fault

What does warning light with exclamation in parenthesis mean?

Brake system fault/failure.

What does the engine light check mean in a 1996 Honda odyssey?

An engine light check means some fault in the engine . Check the handbook to get more details to find what and where the fault is.