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It pretty much just means the cat felt like it.

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Q: What does it mean when a white cat sits on the roof of your car?
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What does mroof on a car mean?

A mroof (or "moon roof") is a built in feature on the ceiling of some cars. It is retractable, and is like a window on the roof of the car.

Can food coloring stain car finish?

depending on the color and how long it stays on there and what color your car is,if its white ohh yean if its black you probably woudnt ntice,but doesnt mean it didnt stain it.i got a white truck and leaves and pollen stain it if it sits to long.

What does a car with top down mean?

Some cars have those removable tops on them or the tops of the cars go back so it has no roof, which are called convertibles . As the car can change from closed top (roof) to an open top (roof).

How do you spell the name of the car with no roof?

A car that has no roof is merely roofless, but the name for such a car that has a retractable or removable roof is a convertible.

What is the roof of a car called?

The roof

Did the first car have a sun roof?

no <><><> The first car did not have a roof at all.

What goes on the roof of a car?

roof scoop or sun roof

What is the window on the roof of a car called?

Sun roof

How is a car without a roof called?

A car without a roof is called a convertible

Who is the White rapper with tattoos next to a black car and on a roof after he gets out?

Has like cmd prompts clipping into the rap video the entire time. Hes next to a black car I believe and then on a roof. Its not yelawolf lil peep lil xan or riff raff.

What does it mean when you pass the car ahead of you?

when u pass the car in front of you, it means yoiu are speeding no one sits on the speed limit so you are just speeding more than the car you passed

What does it mean when a white dove is on top of your car?

Nothing it's just a dove on your car!