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It means nothing at all. It is just a dream and dreams mean nothing.

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Q: What does it mean when a car gets hits by a train in your dream?
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What does it mean when a car gets hit by a train in your dream?

Don't drive near railroad tracks today.

What does it mean when you kiss a person you do not know in a dream?

Kissing a person dream indicated hidden stimulation which gets manipulated in dreams,

What does it mean to die by a train in your dream mean?

This dream suggests the dreamer feels overwhelmed by uncontrollable, fast-moving circumstances. The "dying" symbolizes changes in the dreamer's life related to the circumstances.

Had a dream about nearly missing your stop on a train and panicked what does it mean?

This is a fairly standard dream expressing your anxiety about not being ready or being unprepared for something important that you need to do.

What does your dream mean if you dream that you are being gchased by a train in the tracks but at the last second i dont die then end up somewhere strange?

It means that the person that dreamed it might be scared of train tracks or of trains! i really dont understand the question!! sorry

Why is Voldemorts face like that in the 5th movie?

it just is. Do you mean at the train station when he is wearing a suit becuause if you do it is just a dream

What does it mean to see yourself die in a dream on your birthday?

Probably stress-related, everyone gets excited on their birthday.

What does it mean if a dream gets stuck like a record with no resolve?

It means that your mind is trying to bring some significant detail of that dream to your conscious awareness. The resolution of the dream has no importance; it is the recurring detail that you need to consider.

What does it mean if you dream your boyfriend hits you?

sometimes dreams are dreams but sometimes they are signs so if it comes true RUN!!

What does it mean when you dream someone you love gets pregnant by someone else?

you are getting f'd over by elephants that can smell through their feet!

What does it mean when you dream your boyfriend gets his ex's name tattooed?

The dream illustrates the dreamer's own feeling that the boyfriend is permanently attached to the ex. The dream expresses the dreamer's own fear and insecurity; it does not reveal any dependable information about anyone else.

What does it mean when you dream of sweeping water out of you house?

A dream about sweeping water out of your house indicates a need to get something out of your life that does not belong there. Water gets everything wet and seeps into cracks and crevices, so the dream is about something that is "flooding" every aspect of your life.