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It means you are going to win the lottery

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Q: What does it mean when a black cat sit on your car?
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What does it mean to dream a cat come to your and sit there it was a panther cat?

What does it mean to dream a panther cat come to your door and sit outside

What pet does a witch have?

A black cat, I think. Doesn't it sit at the end of a witch's broomstick?

What does the phrase to sit where a cat sits mean?

i think its cause that were they feel safe. my cat for a example lays by me and sleeps above my head

Why your cat likes to sit on you?

Its a habit a cat has

What is does error code E-30 mean on a Cat sit down Lift Truck?

The error code E 30 for a CAT sit down lift truck is not listed online. However, you can call any CAT dealer and they can give you the error code reasons.

Places your cat like to sit?

Cats often like to sit in sunny spots like a window. I've also noticed with my cat that he likes to sit where i usually sit.

Can you train a cat that is 1 year old or older?

if you mean like "sit" and "stay," then no. cats cant be trained to sit and stay. but like to use a litterbox, then yes.

What are ways to counteract the bad luck when a black cat crosses across you?

First of all, if a black cat runs across your path and then retraces his or her steps, it's actually good luck. But if a black cat starts to cross your path, but stops halfway and retraces, it's bad luck. And if a black cat runs in front of you, less than four feet away, you will not have bad luck. 1) If a black cat crosses your path, walk backward ten steps. 2) If a black cat crosses the road, turn around and walk backward until you get over the place the cat passed. 3) If a black cat crosses you path, spit on the ground and rub your foot through it and then walk backward five steps. 4) If a black cat crosses your path, go home and sit half an hour before returning to what you were doing.

A cat sat on you?

Well my little cat likes to sit on yah...a cat sat on me :)

What do it mean when a cat sit on your porch?

Cats have a great sense/feeling about people. Maybe you need a furry friend in your life and fate has directed this cat to your porch (home). Cats also sense when people need love and affection. This of course is up to the cat. Cats adopt people. This happened to one of my neighbors. One of my cats adopted this elderly couple and they just fell in love with her. They said the cat came to their house and would follow them, curl up on their laps, etc.

Do we set in the car?

No, we sit in the car.

You like to sit by the fire and purr?