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A slight judder.

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2013-03-09 00:55:26
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Q: What does it feel like when a car misfires?
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How does 1 bad cylinder affect perfofmance?

i tmakes the car judder a i and the engine misfires

Why do hobos get into your car?

Because they FEEL like it!!!!!

What is wrong if you replaced a bad distributor on a 1994 Mazda MX6 and then months later the same problem happened again with the check engine light on and it misfires and dies after a few minutes?

Sounds like in your attempts to change the distributor, you altered the timing. that would explain misfires and car idleing to stop.

What would cause a 1997 Saturn to jerk when going up hilss.?

Typically when the engine misfires it will feel like jerking. Find out why the engine is misfiring; run a computer diagnostic test and the computer should reveal the answer.

Example of an estimate?

I feel like I could sell my car for about $600.

Your car is a Volvo 760 GLE 1988 V6 When the car is unused for a week the engine starts ok but as it warms up the engine misfires and will not take any load you have to coax the engine to take loading?

Sounds like you got a rats nest in the air box ,.

Can wrong spark plugs for a car cause it to run rich?

No,car will not run rich.Infact it gives misfires since escaping fuel will be the ultimate result if we use wrong spark plugs.

Can you get nauseous in the back seat of a moving car?

If the car is moving fast then it can make you feel sick like a boat

How long do you have to own a car before you can sell it?

as long as u feel like it

When is the time to change a car's radiator hose?

when u feel like it XD

Why do people like a motorcycles speed?

you feel the speed more than you do in a car

When accelerating car feel like its not going to make it?

You may have something wrong with your engine.

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