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When I was little it hurt me a lot : (

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Q: What does it feel like to get the booster shot?
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How long does it take for the booster shot to take effect?

Just a few seconds. By the time you feel the needle, the shot is almost over.

Where do you get the booster shot at on your body?

Normally, you would get a booster shot in your arm.

Why was antitoxin given instead of a booster shot of tetanus toxoid?

Why was antitoxin given instead of a booster shot of tetanus toxoid?

What if your son hated the swine flu shot Can he get the mist for hs booster?

he does not need a booster...they have found that one shot works

What is the function of a booster?

A Booster raises money for a cause. OR A Booster shot is used to build up immunity to protective levels.

Is the booster shot the same as the distemper shot for dogs?

a booster is just an informal name used to refer to the shot that was initially given to your dog a year prior. It can be a distemper or rabies shot or another shot. booster is just your dog needing to be re-vaccinated since most vaccines only last for one year

Can you get the sixth grade booster shot in the mist?

No you cannot.

Where does a booster shot go?

A booster shot typically goes into a well-padded area of the body, to minimize the pain. This if usually either the upper arm, the buttocks, or the thigh.

What does it feel like getting shot with a shot gun?

Depending on where your shot and if you survive the shock it can feel like a charlie horse along with severe burning sansation as if someone put a lighter on the area. You my also feel muscle tightness like you pulled a muscle those are the things you,will feel medical examiner doctor

Is a booster shot scary?

it may be scary but in the end it is not that scary

Do you need a booster shot of twinrix to protect you again if you travel?


If you step on a rusty nail and your tetanus shot is not up to date how do you treat it?

You simply get a new tetanus booster shot. You should get the booster every ten years. But do it immediately - not two weeks later.