What does gmac stand for?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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GMAC stands for General Motors Acceptance Corporation. After the reorganization of General Motors it was renamed Ally Financial and is a bank holding company that provides mortgages and car loans and other financial services.

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Q: What does gmac stand for?
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What is the address of GMAC?

What is the address for GMAC

When was GMAC Insurance created?

GMAC Insurance was created in 1939.

What is GMAC ResCap's population?

GMAC ResCap's population is 14,000.

How do you get lien release from gmac?

How do u get a lien release from gmac

When was GMAC Real Estate created?

GMAC Real Estate was created in 1998.

Does GMAC offer home insurance?

GMAC does offer homeowners insurance. You can find out more at their website. You can get a quote for the insurance online or through a local GMAC agent.

Did gmac mortgage take over wmc mortgage?

GMAC mortgage is no longer in business

Who is the president of GMAC Mortgage?

what is the address of alva de moline, the ceo of gmac mortgage

Who owns Ally Bank?

Ally bank is part of GMAC and was formerly known as GMAC Bank.

Who owns gmac?

GMAC split from General Motors and became its own bank wholly owned by itself.

Is Deutsche Bank affiliated with gmac?

Deutsche Bank is creditor of GMAC which is now owned by Ally Financial.

Does GMAC Mortgage LLC exist?

The company that used to be known as GMAC is now Ally Financial.Ally put the GMAC ResCap subsidiary (the one that included GMAC Mortgage) into bankruptcy in 2012, because of substantial losses; they wanted to get out of the mortgage business and focus on their highly profitable automotive financing business (General Motors Acceptance Company is where GMAC got its name from originally).This doesn't mean that a GMAC Mortgage LLC doesn't exist, but I'd be wary of dealing with them: if it's "really" GMAC, then they're in financial difficulty; if not, they're deliberately using a misleading name.