What does fricton do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it stops a car when u press the breaks on the car

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Q: What does fricton do?
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Why do the Earths plates move?

because they are pushing against one another and so it causes fricton. when there is fricton the plates move and create a earth quake and or creves

Can fricton float?

Friction is a measure of resistance and has no physical properties.

Why do space vehicles heat up as the enter the atmosphere?


What makes a mouse trap car go slower?


How would you reduce fricton in a moving device?

lubrictation on the moving parts

What are all the forces in science?

there is fricton,thermal,electrical & other energies ....

What are laws of static friction?

Force applied parallel to ground = force of fricton.

What is astronaut comfort?

When you find the best material that has the most fricton so it won't slide

What enery results from fricton?

Friction will cause heat energyIt will not add potential or kinetic energy

What force is caused by tiny collision's called microwelds on surfaces that are stuck together?


How do you use fricton pressure in everyday life?

Tightening a screw, or a nut and bolt. Walking up a hill.

What types of friction occur when you ride a bike through a puddle?

Fluid Friction, & Rolling Friction.