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Q: What does direct primary mean in garage keepers?
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What does a direct primary mean in politics?

In politics, a direct primary is a method used to select candidates for office where registered party members directly vote for their preferred candidate. This is an alternative to a closed primary where only party delegates or officials have the power to choose a candidate. The direct primary allows for broader participation from party members and increases their influence in candidate selection.

What does I'm my brothers keeper mean?

what does im my brothers keepers mean?

What does primary employment mean?

when you collect raw materials from the earth and sea

What does dans le garage mean in english?

'in the garage'

What does dans le garage mean in french?

in the garage

What does un garage aussi mean?

Un garage aussi means 'a garage as well".

Which political reform was an election in which citizens themselves voted to select nominees for upcoming elections?

Open Direct Primary Elections may be what you are seeking. "Direct' would mean that the voters are actually choosing candidates rather that choosing delegates who choose the candidates. "Open" would mean that any citizen could vote, not just members of the nominating party, "Primary" means the election is for the purpose of choosing nominees for offices , not the actual office holders.

What does the british slang word garage mean?

garage off

What does emissions garage mean on vw touran warning panel?

what does emissions garage mean on a vw touran

What does garage mean?

A garage is a noun meaning a place to store a vehicle.

What is the abbreviation for garage?

If you mean a multi-car garage, then the abbreviation is 'multi'.

La maison a un garage what does it mean in English?

The house has a garage