What does destination scan means?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It means your package is in the last stage and is ready to be put in the last truck and shipped out

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Q: What does destination scan means?
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How long does ups take from departure scan to Destination Scan?

It would depend on the item and the seller

What does domestic destination mean?

Domestic Destination Means a destination within the country and not outside the country.

What does scan mean in a computer definition?

Scan means to search for a file or problem.

What doese destination means?

destination- the place to which a person or thing travels or is sent.

What does 'enroute to final destination' mean?

En route is a French phrase which means "on the way" or "along the way", therefore, "enroute to the final destination" means it is on its way to the final destination.

What does Departure Scan mean?

*Departure Scan means that it is leaving a hub either to go to another hub. (by truck or plane) *Arrival Scan means it has arrived to a new hub in a different area, likely, closer to you. *Out for Delivery means you will receive your long-awaited package today.

What means to drive around the bend?

it means that you just turn the corner and there you are at your destination

To scan a line of a poem means to analyze it?


What word means to reach one's destination?


What is tourist services?

a tourist services are supplied by passenger transport which provides the means to reach the destination as well as the movement at the destination.

What is the meaning of origination scan?


What is scan?

Scanning means a quick look over of an item. Many use machines that scan codes at the check out which tells what the cost of a item is.