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Q: What does dch on a nys license plate signify?
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What does nyp on a nys license plate signify?

New York Press. they are issued to vehicles used in a newsgathering capacity (news vans and satellite trucks) and people who work as reporters, technicians, photographers, etc for a media outlet in NY.

How many license plates were issued for a vehicle in ny in 1947?

in 1947 there was one plate issued per vehicle. in nys you can call dmv and they can tell you if it was a one plate or a two plate year.

Where can I become a nurse in NYS?

To become a Nurse in NYS you must have a nursing license for NYS . Once you have obtained the license you can apply at any hospital that has job openings. There are several hospitals to choose from such as New York State Hospital and Buffalo General hospital.

How do you check the status of your NYS Security Guard License renewal in NYS?

Please see the related links section for the website.

How do you remove points from your license?

After 18 months from the date of offense in NYS.

If you get a ticket in another state does it show up on your NYS license?

NYS does not post out of state speeding tickets to your record. You can verify that with the NY DMV.

Is there anything in the world that you can do to take off from your NYS drivers license points which you were convicted 1 year ago?

You could take a driver's safety or education class to take points off of your NYS driver's license depending on the type of license you have and the type of conviction that you have.

Is the World Trade Center on the NYS license plate?

It was represented (poorly) on the New York City custom regional plate, which featured a view of the lower Manhattan skyline, including the Twin Towers, looking southwest. It has been discontinued since the introduction of the Empire Gold plates in 2010.

What happens whe you receive a 90 day NYS LICENSE SUSPENSION?

You don't drive for 3 months and probably have to go to the DMV to get the license back.

Can your license be suspended for not having automobile insurance in nys?

Yes, if you are caught driving without insurance in any state, except New Hampshire, you're license will be suspended.

Will a traffic conviction in NJ affect insurance rates on a NYS license?

Probably not unless you don't pay the fine in NJ.

Why has nys dmv placed a HOLD on my renewing my drivers license?

There could be a number of reasons. If if someone who works at the NYS DMV viewed this question, they wouldn't be able to answer without your license number. You need to call the DMV and ask them what it's about. Follow the related link below to a page where you can contact the DMV or find your local DMV office.