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Box A miles means original miles on the car.

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Q: What does box a miles mean when selling a car?
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What does 0 miles mean when someone is selling a car?

the car is new, and has not been driven, hence the distance. if it said 5 miles, it would mean that that car has driven 5 miles.

What does tw mean when selling a car?

maybe tinted windows

What does it mean to hot box a car?


What does box b mean on car title?

this means your odometer has and excess of 100,000 miles. Older odometers didn't have enough places to show this. 150,000 miles would show up as 50,000.

What does a box a on a Arizona car title mean?

Box A means that the milage is true and acurate.

Where should you keep a car title?

Keep it in a secure place like a bank safety deposit box or fire proof file box in your home. DO NOT KEEP IT IN THE CAR! You will not need it in the car at any time. The title is only needed when buying, selling or registering the car.

Where can a person find sales on a 2007 Honda Pilot in Toronto?

One can check for sales on a 2007 Honda Pilot in Toronto from Autotrader. They provide lists of owners selling their car with the selling price and miles on the car.

What does miles on a car mean?

the mileage which is the miles the car has traveled the higher means the more chances of corrosion etc

What is a Dale Earnhardt Sr. Wheaties box with a 1 24 scale car and also a Jeff Gordon 1 24 scale car in the same box worth?

The Earnhardt car is $100-$200 in the orginal box with car & box in mint condition. Don't know what you mean by a Gordon car in the same box. I don't know of a Jeff Gordon wheaties car. If you mean Jeff Burton it's $50-$65

What is the mileage of car?

The mileage is how many miles the car has travelled, the total mileage is shown on the speedometer dial.

What is the best selling car in America?

The best selling most popular car is the toyota corolla note; the corrolla is the best selling car in that it is the most sold single model of a car. It is not the best selling car at this current time.

What is the best selling car model?

Toyota Corolla is the worlds best selling car.