What does anti- mean in front of a word?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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it means not, or the opposite of

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Q: What does anti- mean in front of a word?
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What does the word ANTI-people mean?

ANTI-people means their not people

What does the root anti mean?

The prefix anti means that something is against the base word that is used in conjunction with the word. For example, anti-discrimination means a person is against discrimination.

What does the Aboriginal word 'Arakoola' mean in English?

In front

What does upfront mean?

At the front in front like the they say the word in football

When did Anti-Imperialist Front end?

Anti-Imperialist Front ended in 1958.

When was Anti-Imperialist Front created?

Anti-Imperialist Front was created in 1952.

What does the word antisemitic mean?

antisemitic - anti-Jewish (in a racial sense)

What does the word Semitism mean in Germany?

"Semitism" does not mean anything. Anti-Semitism is Jew-hatred.

When was Anti-Communist Bolivian Front created?

Anti-Communist Bolivian Front was created in 1964.

What does the root word intro mean?

to be in the front of or beginning of

What word mean below red?

front of light

What does Act the root word mean?

act means to do something in front of cameras or anything you are in front of