What does alternative or alternatively mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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in place of, or as an alternative to; "Felix became a herpetologist instead"; "alternatively we could buy a used car"

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Q: What does alternative or alternatively mean?
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What is the adverb form of the noun alternative?

Alternatively is the adverb form.

What does the term ossia mean?

According to Wikipedia, Ossia is a musical term for an alternative passage which may be played instead of the original passage. The word ossia comes from the Italian for "alternatively".

What is alternative source of energy mean?

an alternative to electric like solar power

What does alternative text mean?

Help me

What does AMT mean?

Alternative Minimum Tax

Where can you buy clip in extensions?

You can get clip in extension from most alternative clothing shops (especially the ones that sell lashes and hair dyes). Alternatively, Claire's accessories sometimes have them.

In Amsterdam what does No french mean?

it could mean that nobody speaks French or alternatively that the visiting French are not welcome.

What does alt oil mean?

ALT is short for alternative.

Is there an alternative relaxant equivalent to cannabis?

You mean legal.

What does AMT abbreviation mean?

Alternative Minimum Tax

What does alternative words mean?

If the teacher asks for alternative words for a given word or words then he's asking for some synonyms or other words that mean the same as the ones you have.

What does lippy mean?

It means someone talks a lot.