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You'll never see it, because there isn't one. A CDL driver must complete the written portion of the air brakes test and do their road test in a vehicle so equipped. If they do not do this, then a restriction will appear on their license which prohibits them from operating a CMV equipped with air brakes.

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Q: What does air brake endorsement look like on your georgia licence?
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What does air brake endorsement look like on your license?

You would need to specify your country. By your use of "licence", rather than the Americanised "license", I'm guessing you'd be from a Commonwealth country - there's a good number of them, each with their own licence style.

You have your CA commercial class b licence with tanker and hazmat you just renewed less than a year ago and would like to add the air brake endorsement do you have to take all the test again?

Being someone with a CDL, you should know there is no actual air brake endorsement on a CDL - you get a restriction barring you from operating air brake equipped commercial vehicles. You need to take and pass the written air brakes test, and you need to conduct a road test in a vehicle equipped with air brakes. Then you can have the restriction removed from your CDL.

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Got a CDL A but need brake endorsement do you need to go to school or can you just take a written test?

There isn't an air brake endorsement - if you don't take the written test and perform your road test in a vehicle which is equipped with air brakes, then you get a restriction which prohibits you from operating a commercial vehicle which is equipped with air brakes. You would need to take the written test, and take a road test in an air brake equipped CMV. If you're trying to get into driving 18 wheelers, you're probably going to need to go to school. If you have a Class A with a "no air brake vehicles" restriction, then you probably tested in something like a F650 with an equipment trailer - you probably also have a "no tractor-trailers" restriction, as well.

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