What does acostarse mean in spanish?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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to lie down, go to bed.

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Q: What does acostarse mean in spanish?
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How do you say about to go to bed in Spanish?

sobre acostarse

What does to turn in mean in spanish?

replegar = to turn in/fold acostarse = to turn in/go to bed entregar = to turn in/hand over

How do you spell to sleep in spanish?

to sleep=dormir to go to bed=acostarse

What is Va a acostarse mean in spanish?

It depends on the context it is in, but it is an adjective describing a female noun. It translates to either lying downor in bed.

How do you say i need to sleep but i can't in spanish?

To say 'I have to sleep' in Spanish, you would say 'Tengo que dormir.'

How do you say I am ready for bed in spanish?

In English, the Spanish word acostarse is usually translated "to lie down. " However, in Spanish, acostarsehas the additional connotation of "go to bed." The translation of the target phrase is, "...ya se acuesta."

How do you say going to bed in spanish?

"acostarse" is the infinitive of the verb "to lie down". It can be used to imply that you are lying down to sleep. "Me acuesto en la cama" = "I'm lying down in bed". To say "I am sleeping" is "Yo duermo" from the verb "dormir".

How do you answer in spanish at what time are you going to get up tomorrow?

Translation: ¿A qué hora vas a acostarte? (Informal)¿A qué hora va a acostarse? (Formal)

What does domino mean in Spanish?

what does domino mean in spanish

What does the name Antonia mean in Spanish?

Antonia in spanish mean Flower or Flor in spanish

What does punay mean in Spanish to English?

In Spanish it does not mean anything.

What does GAGA in spanish mean?

It doesn't have any mean in spanish.