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Depends on the make, & model vehicle. On most cars it means the Traction Control is turned off. On some it means the parking brake is on.

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Q: What does a triangle with an explanation mark mean?
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What does the triangle with explanation mark warning light mean on a mini?

On my car it means the emergency brake is on

What is a yellow triangle with an explanation sign mean on a clk mercades?

i think you mean exclamation mark. and that symbol usually just means caution.

VW Jetta dashboard warning light circle with an explanation mark inside of a triangle what does this mean?

Front disk breaks pads need replaced.

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Is it a explaination mark? There is a yellow explanation/triangle mark that comes on when your rear wheels loose traction and start to slip

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What does the light with the explanation point and little things sticking out around it mean on a ford windstar 2000?

What does it mean when explanation mark with rings around d it on a Ford windstar

What does an exclamation mark inside a triangle mean?

An exclamation mark inside a triangle is a warning sign. This can be a warning sign on many devices including a car, a computer, or a cell phone.

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