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The executor of the estate would need to apply for a lost title at the motor vehicle office in which the deceased lived or the car was registered.

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Q: What does a person do as the executor of an estate when they cannot find the pink slip of a car owned by the deceased?
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Who protects a deceased person's property?

The executor of the estate.

How do you find out who the executor of your grandmas unclaimed money is when she did not have a will?

If your grandmother is still living, you can't. If she is deceased, the executor of the will is required to notify you if you are in the will. If there is no will, and your parents are deceased, then you should contact the probate court and/or executor.

Who files tax return for a deceased person?

The executor of the estate files the tax return for the deceased.

How does a deceased person sign a Quit Claim Deed?

They cannot. Their estate must be probated and the administrator or executor of the decedent's estate, when they have been legally empowered to do so, must execute a deed from the estate..

Does executor have ruling over sale of house in an deceased estate?

Yes, the executor has the authority to manage and oversee the sale of a house in a deceased estate. The executor is responsible for handling the deceased person's assets, including the sale of property, according to the terms of the will or state laws if there is no will. The executor must act in the best interest of the estate and its beneficiaries.

Is the beneficiary of a deceased person usually the executor?

It is relatively common to for a beneficiary to be executor. They are more likely to get the estate closed quickly.

What does the executor of a will do if someone mentioned in will is deceased?

They will look to the wording of the will. It should specify whether that share goes into the general estate or to the deceased named person's estate or heirs.

Can a person who has been named executor of an estate issue a power of attorney to another person to act in their behalf in the matters of the deceased's estate?

AnswerNo, they cannot execute a POA. In most jurisdictions they could file an Appointment of Agent with the probate court authorizing another person to act in their stead.

Can a executor named in a will override a person who has been granted letters of administration of the deceased estate?

No, they cannot over ride the appointed administrator. They would have to get the court to remove the letter of authority.

What is the meaning of an executor and responsibility?

An executor is the e person who is responsible for settling the details of a deceased person's estate. There can be a single executor or one or more people charged with this job. An executor can be related to the deceased person, can be a friend or a lawyer, accountant, or other professional. The main requirement is that the person chosen as executor be at least 18 years old and have not been convicted of a felony. If you have been named the executor of someone's estate, you have been given a job of great responsibility. Some of these responsibilities include: paying creditors and taxes on the estate, notifying social security and other agencies of the deceased death, canceling credit cards among other things, and distributing the assets left in the estate.The executor of an estate has tremendous responsibility from small tasks to large ones. the executor of the deceased's estate must make sure all of the deceased's taxes and debts are paid, and then distribute what is left to the appropriate beneficiaries. The executor has a "fiduciary duty" to act in a manner of good faith and impartiality in making sure the wishes of the deceased are carried out to whatever extent possible

Is the oldest child in charge of the parents funeral arrangements?

No it's the person that is paying for the funeral or an executor of the deceased's estate.

Grant of probate?

A grant of probate is a legal document issued by a court that confirms the validity of a deceased person's will and gives authority to the named executor to administer the estate according to the terms of the will. It allows the executor to collect and distribute the assets of the deceased individual in accordance with the law.