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DTC is the abbreviation for Diagnostic Trouble Codes in car, and the code 17582 is refer to : Fuel Trim, Bank 1 Different injection times

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Q: What does a dtc 17852 mean?
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What does code P0116 mean?

Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Range/Performance issue... This DTC is usually cause by a faulty coolant senor, but can also mean that your engine's thermostat is malfunctioning.

What to do on DTC codes P0000?

Trouble code P0000 means: No fault found

What does enhanced DCT mean for an engine light on code?

An enhanced DTC is a trouble code that is unique to a vehicle of a specific year, make, model, and sometimes engine size. They are used to cover situations not already covered in generic trouble codes.

What is a dtc p0017?

Trouble code P0017 means: Crankshaft position/camshaft position, bank 1, sensor B- correlation

What is the repair for code c0660 and c0711?

#02-03-99-002: Service Air Suspension Message Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) C0711 and/or Clicking Noise From Rear of Vehicle with Ignition Off and/or Electronic Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS) Compressor Cycles Too - (Nov 26, 2002) Models:2003 HUMMER H2with Off Road Suspension Package (RPO ZM6) DTC C0711 Diagnostic Instructions DTC C0711 00: Level Control Air Pressure Sensor Circuit Circuit Short to Ground Open/High Resistance Short to Voltage Signal Performance Air Suspension Pressure Sensor 5-Volt Voltage Reference C0711 00 C0711 00 C0711 00 -- Air Suspension Pressure Sensor Signal C0711 00 C0711 00 C0711 00 C0711 00 Air Suspension Pressure Sensor Low Reference -- C0711 00 -- -- Circuit Description The air suspension pressure sensor sends a voltage signal to the air suspension control module that corresponds to a pressure within the range of 30-180 psi. The air suspension control module also uses this signal to verify that the proper amount of pressure is achieved in the air dryer within 23 seconds prior to opening of the inlet valves for inflation of the air springs. Conditions for Running the DTC Battery voltage is between 9-16 volts. Conditions for Setting the DTC The air suspension module detects that the supplied 5-volt reference voltage circuit for the pressure sensor falls below 4.75 volts or exceeds 5.25 volts. The air suspension module detects that the signal voltage circuit for the pressure sensor falls below 0.5 volt or exceeds 4.75 volts. Action Taken When the DTC Sets • The air suspension system will be inoperative. • The SERVICE SUSPENSION SYSTEM message will be displayed. Conditions for Clearing the MIL/DTC • When the fault is no longer present, DTC C0711 will change from a current DTC to a history DTC on the next ignition cycle. • DTC C0711 will be cleared from history after 50 ignition cycles. Diagnostic Aids Repair all other DTCs before C0711. This DTC is set when: • The pneumatic status of the air suspension system is out of limits. • When excessive amounts of time have elapsed when inflating the air springs. • When there is a air leak in the system. • When vehicle speed is greater than 3 km/h (1.8 mph) and rate of height change is out of limits which may be caused by a damaged LR or RR air suspension sensor. • When the underhood fuse block 60A compressor fuse (ECAS fuse) is open. • When the compressor relay is defective. • When there is an intermittent or permanent loss of continuity between the compressor and the compressor supply voltage during an upwards leveling event. DTC C0660 Level Control Exhaust Valve Circuit Malfunction

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