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set-back axle

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Q: What does SBA mean in the international 4300 SBA truck model?
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What does it mean when check ac light come on a 4300 international?

system failure

What does the yellow upside down triangle on the dash of a international 4300 mean?

Low coolant

What does LT mean on automobiles?

LT can mean Light Truck, or it can mean nothing. In most cases it just designates how a particular model is equipped.LT can mean Light Truck, or it can mean nothing. In most cases it just designates how a particular model is equipped.

What exactly does a cheap truck mean?

A cheap truck can mean many things. A new truck bought on sale, a stripped-down model, and old truck in questionable condition can all be considered a cheap truck.

What mean of 1613 in truck?

Need to know the make of the truck. Could be a model number, could be a unit number assigned by the company.

What does econ warning light on dashboard of 2005 international 4300 mean?

It means you have accidentally hit the button on the side of your shifter to put it in "economy" mode. It's supposed to help on gas mileage.

According to Dane Cook what does CT 2008 mean?

Cement Truck 2008 model.

What does fd mean for flatbed truck?

Need to know make and model before this can be answered.

What does the WT mean on a 1993 Cheyenne Chevrolet truck?

Work Truck. It was a basic model introduced for company use with very few frills.

What is the wheel base of a 59 Chevy Fleetline short bed truck?

The fleetline is a passenger car model. Perhaps you mean fleetside. The Fleetside is a truck model. The 59 Chevy Fleetside short bed pickup truck has a 114 inch wheel base.

How many tons is a flat bed tow truck?

Regardless of whether you mean "how many tons does it weigh empty" or "how many tons can it carry", it depends on the specific model of truck.

What does mean brake pressure in th international truck?

If you have air brakes in your truck, they're talking about the air pressure in your air brake system. You should have at least 90 psi before you take off.