What does SAIA trucking stand for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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San Antonio International Airport

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Q: What does SAIA trucking stand for?
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What does the trucking acronym saia stand for?

Saia is the last name of the founding family. The Saia family started the truck line in 1924 and grew the business until 1986. Vincent Saia

When was Saia created?

Saia was created in 1924.

What is the motto of Saia?

Saia's motto is 'Your potential. Our passion.'.

How tall is Aaron Saia?

Aaron Saia is 5' 10".

How tall is Nicole Saia?

Nicole Saia is 5' 10".

What does the name saia means?

"Saia" is a name of Polynesian origin meaning "protection" or "to guard." It can also mean "skirt" in some languages.

What does sap stand for in trucking?

SAP = Substance Abuse Professional

What is the meaning of Saia?

Saia is an Italian name influenced by Turkish culture that means literally "skirt-maker," though generally referred to a member of the noble guild of tailors based in and around Venice. The Saia family split during the Italian Renaissance, with the majority staying in Northern Italy, while a smaller portion moved to Sicily. In the early 1900s there was a mass exodus of the Sicilian branch to America. The large trucking company is part of that Sicilian branch, while there are many of the Northern Italian Saias scattered across Europe and North America.

When was Saia Fainga'a born?

Saia Fainga'a was born on 1987-02-02.

When was Saia Makisi born?

Saia Makisi was born on 1982-09-05.

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Aaron Saia goes by Reilly Davidson.

What has the author Nana E saia written?

Nana E saia has written: 'Ste n taktike tou pathous'