What does Noob de mierda mean?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What does Noob de mierda mean?
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What does mierda de cual mean?

"Mierda de cual" is Spanish for "shit of which." It is an informal and colloquial expression used to show frustration or discontent with a situation or person.

What does en verdad deja de estar poniendo mierda mean in English?

No I didnt thats a lie

What does esta mierda es mierda mean in english?

"This crap is crap."

How do you say crapy in spanish?

de mierda

What actors and actresses appeared in Un novio de mierda - 2010?

The cast of Un novio de mierda - 2010 includes: Ernesto Sevilla as Novio

What advantages did the Assyrians have?

They did not have advantages because they were pedazos de mierda

What does mi gato tiene pelotas peludas grandes mean?

Means "My cat has the biggest balls" PELOTUDO DE MIERDA xD

What does adios mi mierda de cabeza mean?

"Adios mi mierda de cabeza" translates to "Goodbye my pain in the head" in English. It's a colloquial expression that conveys frustration or annoyance towards someone or something causing stress or trouble.

What does Amar a mi mierda de vida de estos enemigos mean in eglish?

This must be an MMORPG-type expression. It says literally: Love to these enemies' shit-lives!

What does Cort mean?

significa mierda aguada con cerotes enteros significa mierda aguada con cerotes enteros

What does estas putes locas nunca mas again locas perras de mierda mean?

These mad whores never again mad bitches

How could a graph be used to map the ocean floor?

putos de mierda