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reads books

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Q: What does Messi do when he is not playing soccer?
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Who is better then messi at playing soccer?

Everyone has their own opinions, mine is no one is better than messi

What year did Leo messi start playing soccer?

Messi started playing with Barcelona when he was 14 he was in the youth team.

At what age messi started playing soccer?

3 years old

When did Messi started playing soccer?

there are clips on youtube of messi playing football at the age of 7/8 so before then i imagine

What kind of jobs are available in Argentina?

no messi took them all playing soccer

Does Lionel Messi get the most money for playing soccer and if not who is it?

he gets the most money

What does Lionel messi like other than playing soccer?

he likes tennis

Who is the best male soccer player in the world right now?

Lionel Messi has been elected the world's best soccer player of 2012. Lionel Messi is from Spain, and is currently playing for Barcelona.

How many golden soccer balls dose messi have?

Messi has received 4 Golden Balls playing soccer in his career time.

When did Lionel messi scored his first penalty?

Lionel Messi scored his first penalty at the age of 5 when he had just started playing soccer.

Who is better at soccer messi or Cristiano?

It is all subject to opinion but considering Ronaldo has way more experience than Messi yet Messi is still out playing him I think it's fair to say Messi is better

What are 3 famous soccer stars in Spain?

Playing for the country - Xavi, Iniesta and Fabregas Playing in the Spanish league - Messi, Ronaldo and Falcao