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Three blinking yellow lights mean the deadlock is locked from inside. Guest is in the room

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Q: What does 3 blinking yellow lights on a vingcard lock mean?
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What does 3 blinking red lights on a vingcard lock mean?

change batteries and reprogram lock

What does no light mean on a vingcard lock?

The lock needs to be re programmed.

Why do all the blinkers blink and stay blinking when you lock your doors?

doesn't stop blinking until you turn the wheel and the make the tires straight again

The steering wheel lock lights up in red. What should I do?

The steering wheel lock lights up in red. What should I do? The electric steering wheel lock lights up in red. What should I do?

What buttons display on-off lights on the keyboard?

num lock, caps lock, scroll lock

Why does your anti theft light start blinking when you lock your 2008 Dodge Avenger with the keyless entry but does not come on when you lock manually?

That is the sign that the system is arming. It does not set when you lock the doors manualy.

When you lock your 2009 Honda Fit Sport the antitheft light comes on. Is it supposed to stay on blinking until you unlock the car?

Yes, blinking means the alarm system is armed and working.

Why cant you leave your side lights on when you lock your Kia Sedona?

I have a 2002 Sedona - after opening the drivers door turn your side lights back on you can then close and lock your car with the side lights on. Hope this helps.

When passing through a lock which lights mean approach the lock under full control?


Why do certain answers have a red lock?

A Red LockA red lock means the answer is Preserved and can't be changed by regular contributors or by Supervisors. And what about answers that have a yellow lock?A yellow lock means the answer is Protected; Supervisors are allowed to unlock this type of answer and make changes.

Which flashing lights tells you to enter River lock?


How do you check the shift lock actuator on ford 2005mustaNG?

If I'm not mistaken, the brake lights and the shift lock cicuit is protected by the same fuse, so if the brake lights are out, replace the fuse.