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A certified birth certificate

a drivers license

a passport

a social security card

a valid credit card

a photo ID other than your passport

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Q: What documents do you need to obtain a driver license in fl?
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What test will you need to take for your driver's license in Florida?

You will need to take a written driver's license test and a road test to obtain a regular class E driver's license in Florida.

Do you need a valid driver's license to obtain a motorcycle license in Pennsylvania?

Yes you can, you need a provisional license inorder to but you can operate a motorcycle in new jersey

Who needs help getting travel documents or drivers license?

Children would need help getting travel documents and a driver's license. These are things for which children need adults' signatures.

What documents does one need to obtain a marriage license in Ohio?

In order to obtain a marriage license in the state of Ohio, the prospective bride and groom need to do have official government identification such as a driver's license, VISA, passport or state ID along with cash amount of at least $40 for the license itself. The cost varies by county so it is best to check with the license office for an exact total. Also they must apply in person in the county in which they will be residing in.

How do I obtain a license to operate a veterinary clinic?

You would need to take all of your documents to an office in City Hall.

Can you insure a car with a permit?

No, you can not. In order to obtain insurance policy, you need to be in possession of a valid driver's license.

Why would jasper in twilight need forged legal documents?

Driver's license, Birth Certificate, maybe to get somewhere legally.

Where can one receive a license?

This depends on the type of license one is seeking. For example, a driver's license would need to be obtained through the government, while a fishing license would not be as difficult to obtain.

How do you obtain a hack license in Florida?

A hack license is a license to drive a taxicab. In Florida, you will need to get a standard, Class E driver's license. In addition, each individual county may have additional requirements.

What do you need to do to obtain an independent dealer License in Florida?

What do you need to do to obtain a Independent dealer License in Florida?

If you lose your Florida driver license and need replacement license where do you apply for it?

If you lose your Florida driver license and need a replacement license, where do you apply for it?

Can you obtain a driver's license if I'm not a resident of Trinidad and tobago?

Yes I think you should be able to obtain a driver's license in trinidad and tobgo although you are not a resident or citizen of the country....All you should need to know is how to drive,know where and where not to drive and the driving patterns in Trinidad and Tobago.