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In all 50 states, you are required to provide proof of insurance, registration, and a current driver license for the vehicle you are operating.

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2010-09-11 05:48:19
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Q: What documents are you legally required to have when operating a motor vehicle?
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Documents required when travelling via car to us?

Just your passport, and your drivers licence (as you will still be operating a motor vehicle on US roadways).

If you are operating a vehicle with a commercial license you are legally DUI with a BAC level of?


In Florida At 0.08 blood alcohol concentration you are?

Legally drunk and subject to a DUI if operating a vehicle on the road. Operating a vehicle at 0.07 or lower can get you a DWI if you have an accident.

Can you get a vehicle registered without a driver's license?

Yes. Vehicle registration simply documents who legally owns the vehicle. You don't actually have to have a drivers license to own it.

Can you go to jail if you do not turn in a vehicle?

Yes. If it is legally required, you can be jailed or fined, or held until the vehicle is properly surrendered.

Are seatbelts legally required in classic cars today?

If the vehicle was built with seat belts you have to have them but if it didn't have the belts from the factory your not required to have them.

Are you required to carry id at all times in Queensland?

No, there is no law requiring you to carry your papers/documents/ID card on you unless you are operating a motor vehicle in which case you must present an operators license. In general day to day life operations it is NOT required to carry ID

What documents are required upon obtaining a new inspection sticker in PA?

vehicle registration and proof of insurance

Can you get out of a contract to purchase a new car if you have signed the documents but have not taken delivery of the vehicle?

No, once you sign the purchase agreement you are legally bound by that.

You are not required to have a drivers license if?

If you're operating a motor vehicle on any public property, you must be licensed.

How do I make Jeep Cherokee tow more weight?

You trade it in for a heavier, stronger vehicle. Legally, what's required is that the tow vehicle has a certain size/weight when compared to what's being towed. So if you want to haul heavier gear legally you need a heavier vehicle

Can you insure your car if you are a minor?

Most companies will not allow a minor to purchase an auto policy because they are not a legal adult and an insurance application and policy together make up a legally binding contract. This is also why a vehicle should not be listed as the titled owner of a vehicle. They cannot legally sign documents to purchase or sale a vehicle.

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