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Just DRIVE AWAY so he/ she doesn't KILL YOU

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Q: What do you do if you are confronted by an aggressive or violent driver?
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If you are confronted with an aggressive driver you should?

Walk away.

An aggressive driver is a person who?

An aggressive driver is a person who drives

What does FIDO mean in driving?

FIDO means "Forget It and Drive On".You can't change the other driver's behavior; you can only make him angrier. Forgetting about it isn't easy to do but it is the safest thing to do when confronted with an aggressive driver. The second principle is the QTIP principle. QTIP stands for "Quit Taking It Personally". That aggressive driver probably didn't have you in mind when he hit the road; instead he is probably an equal opportunity aggressive driver who treats everyone the same way. Don't take his actions personally; just stay out of his way.

What is aggressive and violent driving behavior called?

Aggressive and violent driving behavior is often referred to as road rage. It involves deliberately dangerous actions or threats by a driver towards other drivers or pedestrians. It can lead to accidents, injuries, or even fatalities.

When confronted with capture medical personnel and chaplains may resort to aggressive action?

for self defense or in defense of the sick and wounded

What is a word that is opposite for the word violent?


Are Chesapeake retrievers aggressive?

yes,they are are VERY violent

How do werewolves act around humans?

Aggressive and violent.

An aggressive driver is a person who drives With a lack of courtesy?

not always, that can be part of it but an aggressive driver puts others in danger

What is an at risk driver?

A driver who is impatient with traffic, aggressive, and impulsive

Types of bad drivers?

aggressive driver, drunk driver, distracted driver, inconsiderate driver, illegal driver

What are 2 types of bad drivers?

aggressive driver distracted driver