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A tint remover

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Q: What do you call a person that removes tint?
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Can a person tint ontop of a window that already has tint?

It can be done. The manufacturers, however, do not recommend putting film on top of film. The adhesion is not as good as that of film to glass. It would have a much greater chance of peeling off, and tint shops will not warranty this type of tint.

Why do you call it a blue moon?

only the second full moon in a month has a bluish tint to it! Maidmarion

Was Alexander Hamilton a blond?

His hair had a reddish tint. So, you could call him a strawberry blond.

What do they call any chemical reaction that removes electrons from an atom?


What do you call the process in which a river removes its soil and rocks?

It is called Erosion.

What is a tint in hairdressing?

a tint is a colour

What is the legal window tint allowance in Ohio?

You can have nonreflective tint on the top five inches of the windshield.The front side windows must allow fifty person of visible light to pass through.There are no rules on tint for rear windows and the back glass.

Is pink a tint?

Yes, pink is a tint of red.

Are these colours a tint or a shade and from what additive primary colours are they derived lavender wine emerald and peach?

lavendar is a tint, wine is a shade, emerald is a tint and peach is a tint

When I play Call of Duty World at War in multiplayer my screen has a blue tint to it that I cant get rid of?

AnswerI don't believe it is the game itself. I think it is something to do with your TV. Try a different game and see if the Tint is still on.

What percentage is limousine tint?

Limousine tint is usually 5%.

When was The Rose Tint created?

The Rose Tint was created in 2011.

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