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It pulls. Needs an alignment or has suspension/steering damage.

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Q: What do you call a car when it quickly turns to one side?
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When a car moves forward which direction do the wheels move?

The left side turns counterclockwise, and the right side turns clockwise.

How do we call car's back side?

the rear

What might a friend do that can make you car sick?

Swerve, Speed, Go Over Bumps, Sharp Turns, Brake Quickly

Which law of motion explains why you may lean sideways in a car if the driver turns a corner too quickly?

first law of motion

Who is at fault when a driver turns right on red and a car hits them on the drivers side rear right quarter panel?

The car that turns right on the on red is at fault. The other vehicle still has the right of way.

What does it mean when you step on the gas and your car turns?

you may nee to check the alignment of your tires...that would cause a car to drift to a certin side

Which one of newton's law of motion explains why you may lean sideways in a car if the driver turns a corner to quickly?

The first law of inertia.

What does broadside means?

To broadside something means to hit it on the side, or to fire at it while it turns sideways. If you broadside someone in a car, it means you hit the side of their car. Broadside has various meanings and verbiage depending on how it is used.

What causes squeal noises in the front passenger side of a car only when you turn right sharply and quickly?

power steering

What do you call the wipers at the bottom of a car's side windows - not the windshield?

Weather strip Belt molding

When turning left which wheel of the car will lift?

Due to centrifugal force, when turning left, the left side of the car will life. The same goes for right handed turns. If turning right, the right side of your car will have less weight on it. The weight will always be on the outside of the curve. Hope this helps :)

What conditions does a car not accelerate?

When a car turns a corner.