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the epa sticker tells you the miles per gallon

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Q: What do the EPA ratings on the car sticker tell you?
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How can you tell where your car is manufactured?

there should be a sticker inside the driver door frame.

What would list a new car's safety ratings as determined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration?

Monroney Sticker

If you have an f car sticker on your car were are you from?


How do you tell what size rims are on a car?

A lot of vehicles have a sticker inside the drivers door jamb that lists the tire and rim size.

Where are VW cars built?

A lot of places. Germany, Mexico. Just look on your sticker inside your door and it will tell you where you car was built.

How do you tell the month your car was manufactured?

In the drivers door jamb area you will find a sticker with information on it including the manufacture month and year.

What does the 2012 inspection sticker for Texas look like?

my wife went and got a Inspection for my car today it is Blue and White. eveerybody else Inspection i see is Green and White, canyou tell me if it is a Bad sticker are not

Where is a car from with a ch sticker on it?


Three diff versions of car produced in 2005 How do I tell what month car was manufactured?

there should be a sticker on the driver side door that has the vehicle manufacture date. It will shoe the month and year

What would the car sticker be for Austria?

The oval car sticker for Austria is "A". You can find the oval car stickers for Austria and over 100 other countries at various stores.

When living in a condo do you have any recourse if they put a warning sticker on your car for not having the resident sticker affixed to your car?

You can find the guidelines for parking in your governing documents, in the section that covers parking.If your condominium association requires that residents' cars be labeled with a resident sticker and your car displayed no resident sticker, there was no way to know that your car belonged to a resident.

What is a car bearing an oval sticker with the letters CH?

This is the euro car sticker (also referred to as oval car sticker) symbol for the country of Switzerland. In Europe, these stickers help to identify the country of origin of the car as international travel by car is frequent. You can find oval car stickers for hundereds of countries at various stores.