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the sirens tell people that a car is coming also it sends a signal to stoplights for a go.

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2011-09-14 01:56:20
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Q: What do sirens on ambulances and police cars do?
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How are police and sirens related?

Police cars have sirens.

Why do police cars have sirens?

To warn other cars it is coming through!

Did police cars in 1933 have lights and sirens?


What does the company Code 3 do?

The company Code 3 sells emergency lighting and sirens for emergency vehicles like police cars, fire engines and ambulances. They also provide lighting for utility trucks who do roadside work.

Can you put sirens on police cars on midnight club 3 remix psp?


Can you put sirens on police cars on midnight club 3?

yes you can press the circle button when driving the police car

Which is the only vehicle allowed to go through a red light?

Emergency vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances only.

How does the Miami Police dept compare with the French Police?

The french police drive terrible cars with terrible sirens were as the Miami police department drive good cars with good sirens, also they have a better way of processing people and information in the Miami police department. Also, the Miami police probably need better training, because Miami is the most crime-filled state in the US.

What are the release dates for Great Cars - 2003 Ambulances?

Great Cars - 2003 Ambulances was released on: USA: 23 May 2005

What do sirens on a police car do?

Sirens on a police car either makes "Noise" or "Wails".

Did 1940's British police cars have sirens?

Looking at pictures of these Police cars it does not look like they had sirensAdded: I believe that they used alarm bells or "military horns" (alternating high-low pitch)

When sirens used on US police cars?

Policies and laws vary from state to state, but in my locality, police officers basically use sirens (and lights) any time they are responding to an emergency call. If they are responding to a silent alarm, they may choose to not use sirens, but that's not common around here.

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