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seat belts

air bags

CD player

cruise control

emission control


air conditioning

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Q: What do cars today have that they didn't have 50 years ago?
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Were cars invented 100 years ago?

Yesss and they weren't as good as the ones we have today but yes 100 years ago they did have cars

What is different about the TVs today then 100 years ago?

they didnt have tvs 100 years ago but if they did they had very little

How are fuel efficent cars today compared to 50 years ago?

10-15mpg 50 years ago. However, 25 years ago, cars got 30+mpg quite easily....

What did we travel by 20 years ago?

The same things we travel with today, with the exception of hoverboards and Segways. We used cars, bikes, trains and planes 20 years ago.

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speed type

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There are many difference between today and 150 years ago. We now have cars, computers, and the Internet among numerous other changes. The roles between men and women are even different today.

Why do cars that are built today produce more air pollution than those built 50 years ago?

They don't!

What piece of equipment do mount Everest climbers have today but didnt have 50 years ago?

I would say the vital piece of equipment used today at Mount Everest that was not available 50 years ago is satalite and computers. Today this is used to get the latest weather forecast which helps with the planing of there climb.

Was there cars 75 years ago?


Were there cars 50 years ago?


How were cars long long time ago?

Different, but you didnt say how long ago and that's relative. For some of the earliest-see below.