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Anything and everything on the road. Bicycles, pedestrians, animal-drawn vehicles (e.g., horse and buggies in areas with an Amish population).

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Q: What do cars share the road with?
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Besides other cars with what or with whom do we share the road with?


What Beside other cars with what or with whom do we share the road?


Beside other cars with what or with whom do we share the road?


Can Motorcycles share the road with cars?

Yes they have for years . I don't see why they shouldn't in the future.

How can car sharing help to reduce carbon emission?

Easy, though that term is usually referred to as 'carpooling.' It helps reduction because it takes more cars off the road and people share their cars to get to similar places. If we all just went there in our own cars, there'd be a lot of one-occupant cars on the road. The fewer the cars on the road due to carpooling greatly reduces carbon emission.

Who share the road with an impaired driver are at risk.?

who share the road with an impaired driver are at risk

What do cars drive on?


What side of the road do cars in Spain drive on?

Cars in Spain drive on the right hand side of the road. Canada and the United States also have cars drive on the right side of the road, while in Britain cars drive on the left.

Why do cars go off-road have deeper grooves cut into their tires than road road cars?

Deeper grooves improve traction for off road use but are noisy when on road use.

What percentage of people in the US own a 2nd hand Nissan?

Although the data on how many used Nissans are on the road is not available, there are some facts that are known. In America, 125 millon cars total are on the road. Nissan is a smaller company and is therefore responsible for only 11% of the market share of cars sold in America. Therefore about 13.75 million Nissans are currently on the road.

Are cars necessary to be on the road?

um... that's what road were made for... for cars to drive on. if you mean are cars aloud to drive anywhere else, no unless it's your property.

How many cars on the road in 1906?

aprroximately 120,000 Cars were on the road in 1906 due to the records kept by the Car companies.

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